Hypertext and Electronic Literature

This course looks back even as it looks forward, considering conventional media like printed texts and film, in addition to examining more revolutionary digital media.


Format: Most class sessions will be 1/2 discussion, then 1/2 lab (during which we will experiment with various new media tools).

April 4
: Introduction, "A Vision of Students Today"
LAB: Setting Up a Wordpress Blog

April 11: What is Hypertext? What is Electronic Literature?
Electronic Literature (Ch. 1 and 2)
Electronic Literature Collection, v. 1 (not the whole thing, cause that would be crazy, just peruse works mentioned by Hayles, also on CD-Rom that comes with book)
LAB: Twitter

April 18: The Materiality of Text
Helvetica (or on Netflix)
Electronic Literature (Ch. 3)
Kinetic Typography (will look at examples in class)
LAB: Literary Data Visualization w/ Wordle

April 25: Interactive Fiction
A Field Guide to the North American Family
LAB: Attend Maps Presentation In Place of Lab

May 2: Literary Interfaces
Matthew Kirschenbaum,
"What is Digital Humanities…?"
Kenneth M. Price,
"Electronic Scholarly Editions"
Mark McDayter,
"Are We There Yet? … 'The Waste Land' for iPad"
T.S. Eliot,
"The Waste Land" as Hypertext
Recommended (if you have an iPad):
The Waste Land iPad App
LAB: Open for Work on Media Interface Analysis

May 6
: Media Interface Analysis Due

May 9: E-poetry
Heavy Industries, Spawn, ABCDEFG...
Electronic Literature (Ch. 4)
Electronic Literature Collection, v. 1 (peruse more)
The Policeman's Beard is Half Constructed (takes time to load)
Midterm Self-Evaluation Letter Due (e-mail anytime prior to class)
LAB: Coding (For tonight's lab we'll work through "Getting Started with Programming" on Codecademy)

May 16: Post-print Novel
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (first half)
Electronic Literature (Ch. 5)
LAB: Code as Poetry

May 23: Post-print Novel
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (second half)
Craig Mod,
"Books in the Age of the iPad"
"Is Print Dead?" Infographic
Film (optional): Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
LAB: The Machine is Us/ing Us

May 30: Film: Inception
LAB: Video Editing

June 6: Video Game: Limbo
LAB: Open for Work on Final Project

June 13: Final Project Colloquium (online via blogs)
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