Issues in higher education


In this course, we will discuss and write about a wide variety of topics relevant to the subject of higher education.  We will begin by examining various philosophies of education, thinking about the role of colleges and universities in our society.  Since this is itself a writing course at a university, we will consider our own continuing relationship to these institutions of higher learning, with a particular emphasis on issues of authorship and intellectual property.  

          Over the course of the semester, we will also look at various literary works (films, novels, stories, essays, etc.) that explore the subject of higher education.  This will be a seminar-style course, where the students and student writing help determine the trajectory of our class from day to day.  


course details

required texts

Publish and Perish:  Three Tales of Tenure and Terror

The Cheese Monkeys:  A Novel in Two Semesters

required films

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Wonder Boys (1999)          Dir. Curtis Hanson

High School (1968)             Dir. Frederick Wiseman

Major projects

Narrative Essay

  1. -Close Analysis

  1. -Storyboard

  2. -Annotated Bibliography

  3. -Argumentative Essay

“A class is also a process, an independent organism with its own goals and dynamics.  It is always something more than even the most imaginative lesson plan can predict.” 

                            ~ Thomas P. Kasulis